Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

Friday 14 June 2024 (18:00 -20:00)
Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Center
Join us for a special class, Friday 14th, from 6pm - 8pm, with visiting teacher, Joseph Wagner.

In this evening class, we'll learn about the Tibetan tradition and methods of applying mindfulness and awareness to the sleeping and dreaming states, as a way of further integrating our meditation practice into every aspect of our life.  


Joseph Wagner has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1988, and is the resident teacher at Denver Dzogchan. A student of many great masters, he is particularly fortunate to have received the Dzogchen transmissions in great detail from Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and to have had numerous opportunities to clarify their meaning in Tibet, Nepal and India, as well as in the West with some of the main lineage holders of our time.

Joseph has received the authorization and "command" (Tibetan: Ka) to teach the Dharma from several of his Lamas, and, as the resident teacher at Denver Dzogchen, he also regularly teaches throughout the USA, and around the world.

This is a drop-in class; no regsitration required.  Suggested Donation 500 Baht (or more). 

Everyone who contributes time &/or energy to help make these classes happen is an unpaid volunteer. Thanks for your participation and support!