Meditation Intensive; Nyinthun

Saturday 27 April 2024 (14:00 -17:00)
Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Center
A Mini-Retreat In The Heart of Bangkok.

Looking for a way to deepen your meditation practice?  Join us for a meditation intensive (In an air-conditioned room), right in the heart of Bangkok. Open to meditation practitioners of any tradition, periods of sitting meditation will be interspersed with periods of walking meditation. It is not necessary to stay for the whole time (but is highly recommended), so feel free to drop in for whatever part you can attend.

Registration is not required, and there is no charge for joining.  Donations are always appreciated!  Suggested Donation 100 Baht (or more).   Everyone who contributes time &/or energy to help make these classes happen is an unpaid volunteer. Thanks for your participation and support!