Welcome to Shambhala; An Introduction to the Shambhala Tradition

Friday 13 October 2017 (18:00 -19:00)
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- An opportunity for newcomers to learn about the Shambhala tradition,

SHAMBHALA takes its name from a legendary kingdom famous for being an enlightened society. Today, the global Shambhala network brings together people of all ages and from all walks of life who are interested in exploring our own minds, transforming our experience, and awakening our potential for enlightened society.

This class includes an overview of our history, some discussion about our community and path as well as guided meditation. A short explanation of the imagery and symbolism seen in our meditation center is also offered, followed by socializing and refreshments. This is a great way to get a flavor of the Shambhala path, meditate in a supportive group setting, and to find out what opportunities there are for practice, study, and community.  After the talk there is ample opportunity for interaction, questions and discussion.  If it's your first time, and you'd like to receive meditation instructions, please be sure to arrive a few minutes early, so you don't miss it.

There is no need to register; all are welcome.  Donations are appreciated.