The Five Elements in Life and Death

Saturday 4 November 2023 (16:00 -18:00)
Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Center
with visiting teacher, Lama Asa. Saturday November 4th, from 4pm - 6pm.

Lama Asa (Lama Jinpa) has spent 40 years unraveling the secrets of the Elements. An ordained lay Lama (Ngakpa) and 3-year retreat graduate in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, he has devoted four decades to holistic medicine and meditative praxis. Author of six four books on bioenergy healing and two large translations of Tibetan works, Asa shares the fruits of a lifetime of research and exploration of the Elements as an essential basis for health, longevity, psychological wholeness and spiritual transformation. His trainings re-unite the Elemental wisdom scattered across time and culture, integrating Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist truths with Western traditions. He is known for his highly accessible elegant and practical essence-based teaching style.

This is a drop-in class.  No previous attendance, registration, or fee is required.  Donations are always appreciated, but not mandatory.